Gay people talk to people of the opposite sex, guys. 

It’s a radical concept I know, but they do in fact.  I mean Teddy and Billy don’t actually have to be surgically attached at the hip.  If they were, that would actually make a rather unhealthy co-dependent relationship.  It’s good for them to interact with other people and have relationships outside of their own.  That’s what family and friends are for.  Your world doesn’t have to revolve around the person your dating/in love with/married too, you can have a life outside of it.  What’s important is sharing that life with said partner.  

Besides which Julie is awesome and bisexual and dating Karolina at the moment.  So I don’t think there’s any need to be freaking out that Julie and Teddy are gonna run off into the metaphorical sunset leaving their same-sex partners behind.  I know people’s knee-jerk reaction is that the writers don’t care about actual queer rep after years of tropes like the lesbian falls in love with a dude because reasons, or that queer characters always have to try being straight at least once because how else will they really know (all of which is ridiculous), but Marvel has always treated these four characters with a lot of integrity (in my opinion) when it comes to their sexualities.  

Billy and Teddy have never shown to need to experiment with women to know they’re gay.  It’s always been established that they just knew and were in love with each other as their chosen partner.  Julie had a long discussion with Striker and they both came out to each other.  When she met Karolina first met Karolina she told her how pretty she was and they began dating soon after.  Which is awesome cause to often when we get bisexual characters in media (especially if it’s a woman) we see more of her having relationships and feelings for men, while just flings or sexy encounters with women (the sci-fi series Lost Girl is an excellent exception to this trope tho).  Julie and Striker talked about their feelings and both come to the conclusion that they were bisexual and gay respectively.  And they weren’t suddenly nurtured because of it.  Striker went on to meet a nice boy after a long struggle with his controlling mother and the public persona he thought he had to adopt (but boy did he come out with a splash gosh I love Striker), and Julie went on to realize she was bisexual and date Karolina.  There’s also Karolina’s own journey with accepting her sexuality and trusting her friends with that part of herself and finally finding love, losing love, and finding love again.  

So basically, I get why some people would be upset and have a knee-jerk reaction, but given the way these characters have been handled, I really don’t think there’s anything to worry about.  Plus it’s only a cover (which looks amazing by the way I’m writing a teenage superhero club fanfic like right now)

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Also, can I just say something that I think is really important?

Guys, if Teddy dated a girl, for whatever reason, that would not make him straight. That would make him bi. So everyone screaming about ‘PLEASE DON’T MAKE TEDDY STRAIGHT’, you all need to take a moment to think about what you’re saying.

Yeah, and bisexual characters are also underrepresented in mainstream comics.

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Advice Columnist Smacks Down Biphobe: Dear Lady A: Skeptical about the B




DEAR LADY A: The people I know who claim they’re bi are attention-seeking and creepy. I honestly think, of the “bisexuals” I know, the guys are just gays who can’t emotionally handle being gay, and the women are trying to keep potential boyfriends interested with the promise of threesomes. Are actual bisexuals even real? If so, where are they hiding?

~~ Real Homo, Skeptical About The B in LGBT

DEAR DOUBTING HOMO: I’m not hiding and I’m bisexual, so your statement is really more about your own mistrust, isn’t it? It is the worst kind of queer self-sabotage to imply that a sexuality simply cannot be, because you can’t personally imagine it. It’s also ironic. Normally, I have a special contempt for assholes who attempt to inform me that my bisexuality is an urban myth promoted by terrified queens or an affectation I employ to impress my boyfriends. But I will try to exercise patience with you. I will even try to see it from your perspective for a moment.

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I know people who are afraid to admit they’re bisexual specifically because they fear the “bisexuality isn’t real” stigma. So, we should all stop doing that. -Jess

Why isn’t this sort of thing part of more sex ed curricula?

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According to my psychology professor, we do not exist.

According to her, we are wrong for existing.

My professor flat out said this morning that she does not “believe” in bisexuals. She proceeded to say that the only valid and real orientations are heterosexual, and homosexual,and nothing else exists. There is no in between,and if we believe we are anything but hetero or homo, we are just confused, and mislead.

She also believes transgender people are just confused.

So basically, to her, we are mythical creatures. We are unicorns, from a magical fairyland. 

Reblog this if you are a fucking magical unicorn.

Reblog this if you believe orientation shouldn’t even fucking matter.

Reblog this if you believe orientation is a spectrum, and it is NOT black and white.

Reblog this if you know you exist.

I hope the OP complained to the Dean about this. Not only is it completely bigoted, it’s irresponsible for a teacher to make comments like this. And a psychology teacher, of all people, should fucking know better.




You know, part of me always wanted to be a unicorn. Now I can be to a psychology teacher! LIVING THE DREAM!

My sociology teacher believes we exist! My friends, sadly, think pansexuals and bisexuals are the same thing =/



may you are a unicorn

That psychology professor is a fucking quack. Homosexuality doesn’t even make sense without a fluid spectrum.

This anecdote is hard to believe. It sounds like a joke or an urban legend or something. But quite a few tenured quacks have made it onto the DSM task forces over the years, so there are definitely psychology professors out there who really are this out of touch. I’m going to assume it’s probably true.