Judges Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan of the Court of Common Pleas in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, plead guilty in open court that they sentenced children to juvenile detention because they were paid off to do it by the PA Childcare and a sister company, Western PA Childcare corporation that ran the private facilities.


The companies in question paid the two judges more than $2.6 million dollars to send children to detention.  The companies receive a stipend from the government for each inmate they house.  So as more children were sentenced to the detention center, PA Childcare and Western PA Childcare received more money from the government, prosecutors said.

According to the Juvenile Law Center, a Philadelphia nonprofit group, teenagers were sentenced to detention for simple misdemeanors.

The two judges face up to seven years in prison under a plea agreement made with the state.”

They made millions of dollars by selling children (and driving them to suicide), and all they get is a handful of years? The US legal system is a joke and people who pretend we have the rule of law are the punchline. 

Uncompromising Photos Expose Juvenile Detention in America

Sometimes I have no response to this sort of thing other than WOW WHAT THE FUCK AMERICA

So when are they going to charge the people at PA Childcare and Western PA Childcare who bribed the corrupt judges?

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