"Danica Patrick is such a.. pretty girl. She makes a lot of money and sponsorships because of it. But what’s not attractive is that she’s sexy and she knows it… Oh I’ve got a few words [to describe Patrick], it starts with a b, and it’s not beautiful… She always has a chip on her shoulder trying to prove something."

Fox 5 news anchor Ross Shimabuku, on Danica Patrick’s question to a report about why female athletes must always be described as “sexy,” and imploring him for another word to describe her.

Shimabuku was suspended today for a week without pay for his comments after he apologized… by admitting that he “gets nervous on the air” and has “TV anxiety.”


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Today in casual sexism and shitty apologies. -Jess

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Wait… am I understanding this correctly, that a TV news anchor defended saying shitty sexist things on TV by saying he has “TV anxiety”? Did he actually say that? Because if he did, he doesn’t need to be suspended—he needs to be FUCKING FIRED, so he can pursue a career that doesn’t cause him so much anxiety that he just can’t help saying shitty sexist stuff on-air.

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Wait, she’s sexy and she knows it and that makes her unattractive?  How does that even make sense?

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Wait, if he’s saying that it’s not attractive that she’s sexy and she knows it, doesn’t that mean he’s saying it would be attractive if she was sexy and didn’t know it? That seems pretty skeevy.

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